Year 2 of dealing with Covid-19.

What have we learned, and what should we do now?

April 15, 2021

The medical and scientific experts on TV say the answer to protecting us indoors is to “increase ventilation,” but they never give specific recommendations. The few tips they do provide are inadequate and ineffective, and to date, there is no clear recognizable market leader to rely on for scientifically proven and effective indoor pathogen reduction with increased ventilation. So, where do we turn and who do we listen to?

We have been told that we can’t spray and wipe our way out of this threat, as its primarily airborne and all of that excessive cleaning leads to “Chaotic Air Theory,” which massively increases particulate matters by stirring them up routinely. Therefore, we believe that 24×7 continuous room-level operation is preferable and more cost-effective than episodic manual sanitizing and disinfecting. This all results in much confusion and false information being circulated and facility executives still looking for straight answers that are scientifically validated.

With nearly a decade of laboratory, clinical and peer-reviewed studies, UV Angel, which was developed to combat HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) in hospital intensive care units, is emerging as the most effective, scientifically vetted, rational and affordable solution to help us and our occupants (students, patients, clients, employees, first responders, veterans, etc.) feel comfortable sharing indoor air again.

Prominent clients like McDonalds, Starbucks, ESPN, St. Jude’s Hospital, 6 VA medical facilities, Penn State, U of Michigan, etc., have all investigated and selected UV Angels as their front-line defense solution to Covid-19.

UV-Angel’s flagship product is the UV Angel Air Unit which gets installed in ceilings or hung 8-12 feet overhead as an air handling unit and provides 24x7x365 room level pathogen reduction effectiveness with increased ventilation. The companion product is Surface Adapt which is a USB powered device for high-touch surfaces such as computer keyboards, shared tablets, ATM machines, etc.

Both devices connect to the UV Angel App to provide real-time data analytics, monitoring and alerts. To learn more, please watch our intro video and review the 88 pathogens tested at

UV Angel isn’t purchased online as one might buy Hepa filters or other “toys,” but rather is an engineered solution, so each client furnishes us with floorplans (and preferably reflective ceiling plans). Our engineers configure specifically based on each room’s square and cubic footage, ceiling height and type, furnishings and obstacles, average room occupancy and maximum room capacity.

Once configured properly, the only requirement is for a licensed electrician to install each unit which come with a 5-year warranty. Every 9,000 hours (or annually) the bulb and filter are changed which can be handled with internal maintenance staff.

For our USA based clients, FEMA has its 100% reimbursement program for qualified critical facilities (education, healthcare, municipalities) and non-critical facilities, i.e. community centers, homeless shelters, libraries, museums, food banks, etc. To learn about this program, visit

We know and respect how urgent the matter or reopening or staying open is to you and your occupants, so we are here to share with you and your team the knowledge and experience we have gained and how it can benefit you and your organization.

Leonard Atlas
Founder & CEO