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Create a Cleaner, Safer Environment for Your Building Occupants

As businesses come back online following the COVID-19 pandemic, we must think critically about the design and safety of the buildings where we live and work. Employees want to know they are returning to safe environments. Implementing effective pathogen control technology can help you create a safer building environment for the tenants and patrons in your commercial buildings and developments.

Reducing the risk of exposure for your occupants and tenants means controlling harmful and infectious pathogens at their source. UV Angel products are safe for use in occupied spaces, which means they are able to effectively treat pathogens in the air and on surfaces as close to the source — people — as possible.

UV Angel for Your Building

Learn more about how UV Angel products can create a safer commercial building environment for your occupants.

UV Angel technology empowers you to get back to work. Re-open your commercial building with confidence backed by our patented ultraviolet light technology.

Help Protect Building Occupants with Proven Technology

  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your environment.
  • Up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel products contribute to a disruption-free workflow.
  • When you want it and whenever you are, our complete software platform delivers all the data you need on every UV Angel unit.

UV-C technology — reimagined. The proven effective technology you need, with sophisticated software that delivers the data you want

An Infinitely Scalable System Supporting Cleaner, Safer Commercial Buildings and Real Estate Developments

UV Angel’s products are engineered to support everything from a single office to an entire network of buildings. Our system works differently. Our patented ultraviolet light technology pairs with a sophisticated software platform to deliver you an infinitely scalable pathogen control system that you can check in on, analyze, and continuously improve as your needs change and your commercial real estate holdings grow. Take a look at the products and software that help you create a cleaner, safer environment for your tenants and patrons.

Air Treatment Technology

UV Angel Clean Air™ integrates into existing or new construction in-ceiling lighting to create a seamless and effective air treatment system. Units draw contaminated air into a shielded UV-C chamber where airborne pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, are quickly neutralized. Clean, treated air is then circulated back into the room.

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel Adapt units are ideal for any high-touch surface in your hospital or healthcare facility. From nurse duty stations to shared keyboards, the moment a potential threat is detected on surfaces, the UV Angel Adapt neutralizes it at a cellular level, killing at rates greater than 99%. The platform is designed to operate hundreds of times throughout the day, providing a disruption-free workflow.

The Software to Bring it All Together

Continuous pathogen control treatment is what you need and what our products deliver. But what if there was a way to continuously track and manage the performance of your treatment system, in real-time, and from any location?

UV Angel’s sophisticated software platform brings this possibility to reality. With IoT connectivity built into every UV Angel product, a cloud platform that collects and makes data available to you from any location, and advanced analytics that help you make sense of all that data, our software delivers an intuitive, intelligent, and infinitely scalable pathogen control system.

The Software to Bring it All Together

  • IoT connectivity built into every UV Angel product
  • UV Angel’s Cloud platform allows you to access data on every unit from any location
  • Open API means you can easily integrate existing data sources and pathogen control systems, like RTLS, HVAC and air filtration systems, and more
  • Advanced analytics deliver the custom reporting you need to make proactive, data-based decisions for the cleanliness of your healthcare facility
  • Helping You Reopen Your Buildings, Confidently

    Whether you have one building or many, UV Angel is built to support you. As you work to reopen buildings and invite occupants to return to work, UV Angel products are continuously working to treat the environment, creating a cleaner, safer building for those occupants to return to. And behind our workhorse patented ultraviolet technology is a sophisticated software platform that empowers you to continuously improve your building’s pathogen control efforts.

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