Pilot Programs:

We urge you to look at your project in 3 phases: Pilot Program, Medium & Long-Term.

During the Pilot Program

we are focused on your most immediate, time-sensitive and high-pedestrian traffic needs to open or reopen ASAP or to stay open with greater confidence. We will work with you to calculate the Initial square footage, amount of different rooms and spaces that need to be disinfected and require 24×7 air sanitizing and the frequency of maintenance of your critical spaces.

Our suggestion is that during this early stage we work with your team to identify any and all government funding sources available as well as any cost reductions (when relevant) that apply. This step in the process is also where you can verify how safe, effective and non-invasive our solutions are so you can gain decision-making buy-in to continue to rollout additional phases.


is typically 60-180 days, whereby we are ensuring that the work done in phase 1 is successful, provides ubiquitous safe indoor facilities and your people are entering with confidence.

Phase 3 is our long-term planning

that takes into account future strains of COVID, the Flu and other threatening airborne pathogens.

for any additional information or clarification,
please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.