1st Place Science – Disinfectant Cleaner

The Next Generation of Sanitizing & disinfecting Technology

When applied with an electrostatic sprayer it provides the most even, consistent & cost-effective application process.

Safe Enough To Wash Your Hands With

Multiple armed forces have their combat troops spray it on open wounds to prevent bacteria and infection.

Food processing plants apply it throughout their facilities on equipment and cutting boards, then put food right on it.

EPA & NSF certified and FDA & OSHA compliant.

It is certified people, pet, and food safe, while still killing 99.999% of all pathogens including the COVID-19 virus within seconds.

1st Place Science – Disinfectant Cleaner Overview

EPA approved
since 2005

Category IV (Mild enough to wash your hands)

Compared to:
Other disinfectant that are EPA Category I, II, or III which are caustic poisons that kill fewer pathogens.

Mechanically Kills 99.999%

Bacteria, Bacterial Spores, Viruses, Algae, Fungi, Mold, Mildew, Yeast and Chemical Decontamination (ie. Ricin, Mustard Gas) through molecular deconstruction of the organism

Compared to:
Other solutions don’t kill nearly as many pathogens and are based on highly diluted, highly caustic toxic poisonous.

Mechanically eliminates the bio-film

that protects pathogens through molecular deconstruction.

Compared to:
Other products cannot penetrate or eliminate the bio-film, leaving the pathogen intact. The requirement of wiping off the highly toxic poison has two purposes – one, reduces the volume of caustic poisonous material, two it forces you to mechanically break through the bio-film by the rubbing – hoping there is enough highly diluted caustic poison chemical present on the towel or sponge to kill the pathogen

Restaurant Cutting board approved

Compared to:
Historical soap and water scrubbing, and then heat sterilizing


keep HVAC system running while disinfecting areas – helps maintain a healthy pathogen free system between monthly or quarterly HVAC disinfecting routines.

Compared to:
Highly caustic poisons used in a HVAC system may cause illness, reduce the life of the mechanical parts, corrode the overall system and if the disinfectant is flammable may cause explosion or fire.

HVAC systems that are not regularly disinfected promote and are the purveyor of pathogens and illness throughout your organization, especially in those seasons of communicable illnesses.

spray gun

Disinfects 5,000 Square feet in about 20 minutes

with existing staff using an Electrostatic Sprayer with no safety equipment required (gloves, mask, etc.) but we do recommend you and your people air on the side of caution and be prepared and protected.

Compared to:
Spot spraying of smudges and wiping for cosmetic and emotional support

Does not have to be wiped off

In fact you want to let it dry to maximize the killing.

Compared to:
quickly wiping up the highly diluted caustic poison to reduce the short- term and long-term damage – minimize the time it takes to treat all the areas – mechanically break up the bio-film and trust enough chemical is present to kill the pathogens – and due to quick removal reduces what little killing capabilities the highly diluted caustic poisonous chemical properties it claims.

It is fragrance free
and kills odors

Compared to:
No elimination of odor and fragrances attempting to temporarily covering or masking the odor that guests may be sensitive or allergic to, or introducing a chemical aroma to cover the odor and create the perception of a cleaner safer area.

No Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required

Compared to:
Even the most highly diluted toxic poison requires some kind of PPE and or mitigations to safely apply for short periods of time and greater hazmat requirement for longer broader use. From using gloves at home with good ventilation to complete hazmat for more dangerous treatments for more dangerous pathogens.

Does not require any special certifications

to apply although the disinfectant kills the same pathogens that the poisons when used requires training and certifications.

Compared to:
Broad spraying or spot treatment of industrial grade toxic poisonous chemicals that can kill the more dangerous pathogens requires industry specific certifications and training.

Non Caustic

Does not cause damage now or over time to sensitive equipment.

Compared to:
Known caustic poisons that in their highly diluted state create minor damage during every exposure to the treated hard surface/textile, environment and personnel. And, over short periods of time create noticeable damage to the treated
hard surface/textile, environment, and personnel.

About Applied Science Labs (Manufacturer)

For over 40 years Applied Science Labs (ASL) a privately held company, has operated at a National Institute of Health Level 3 standard. Customers include Healthcare/pharmaceutical, commercial & retail giants, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and government organizations. ASL products meet all government regulations and have all approvals and are fully product liability insured.

To illustrate the significance of their work and level of their scientific expertise, to visit ASL requires an NIH or military “need to know requirement” to gain permission to visit the facility.