Protecting Global Health

K-12, Colleges & Non-Profit Reopening
Global Discount & Support Program

As everyone prepares or continues to open their doors again, we are proud to introduce you to Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions and our first Non-Profit & Fundraising Program.

Non-Profit Program Highlights

20% off discount on UV Angel Air Purifying Units (can be shipped globally as single and/or multiple units, or in multiples of 400 per container.

uv angel air

Adapt UV-C Surface Monitor for keyboards, monitors, touchscreens, telephones, etc.

adapt series

Angel Air Seal of Approval Certification, Stickers & Placards

adapt series

Instant PayPal credit (up to $50,000)


GoFundMe Project Management Services

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Corporate Sponsorship Support Team- Your sponsors or ours.

corporate sponsorship

Integration with First Place Science Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray

integrate 1st place science

Discounted Electrostatic Spray Devices

discounted spray guns


UV Angel Air without a light

normally $1,850

NOW $1,480

UV Angel Air with LED light

normally $2,000

NOW $1,600

Background & Overview:

As the father of 2 teenagers, 1 in college and 1 in high school, both currently closed, I’m concerned what each institution will do to sanitize and disinfect their facilities, not to some bureaucratic standard, but to the standards of a parent worried about their kid’s health and safety. I also saw a new economy emerging and I was ready to pivot from my 30 years of sales consulting, training and mentoring to Protecting Global Health.

In March 2020, as we all experienced the mass confusion and chaos regarding COVID-19, from wearing masks, social distancing, testing, how to kill it, what to use, to how long it stays airborne, on surfaces, floors, envelopes, etc. We learned that surface contamination is directly affected by the air particles floating around, commonly for 3-10 hours.

These concerns led to my team at Mission Profitable, Inc. and I conducting very in-depth research that concluded that there are two main sanitizing issues to solve, not just one. Firstly, is the distinction between how, when and with what we treat the indoor environmental air, vents and ducts to how we treat hard surfaces, furniture, equipment, etc. There is no single product or service that can provide complete environment and surface virus risk protection and remediation.

Secondly is that most of us aren’t chemists or speak Latin and don’t understand product labels or know how to read product safety data sheets (SDS). We see words like “all natural,” and assume they are safe, but that’s not always the truth. What about FDA, OSHA & NSF certifications? Are they relevant, required and beneficial to review? The EPA rating has 4 categories from 1-4, with 1 being the worst and most unsafe and 4 being the safest. Ideally you want to avoid products that have 1’s and 2’s… We help educate our clients to identify the toxic, poisonous, flammable, corrosive ingredients they are considering and the potential risks & hazards and propose safer alternatives.

corona related questions

We launched this division of our company to help cut through the clutter, hype, and make the most effective and budgetary conscious synergistic decisions to protect facilities and their people, with health and safety being the priority, not saving every last penny.

Have you heard the saying, “Penny wise and dollar foolish?” Ironically it turns out that in this case the safest and most effective products are not the most-costly, in fact, when the excessive labor costs of the inferior products are factored in they wind up being most costly.

Protecting Global Health is our plan and commitment is to help K-12 schools and colleges, houses of worship and non-profit facilities safely reopen with confidence as we provide the first system to Detect, Treat, Monitor & Maintain™ indoor air quality and surface sanitization at the lowest possible cost.

Next Gen Technology Today:

uv angel air

The UV Angel does the “heavy lifting” by continuously purifying the air 24x7x365. We know that for 3-10 hours after a room or indoor space is empty, pathogens (viruses and bacteria) stay airborne, so we need some form of constant and ongoing air purifying, beyond spraying periodically.

adapt series

Angel Adapt can be mounted on high traffic devices, such as computers, keyboards, touchpads, telephones, etc., to monitor and sanitize hundreds of times per day while tracking, monitoring and reporting to management any compromises or cleaning protocols not done.

integrate 1st place science

First Place Science Disinfectant in a spray gun (electrostatic or ultra-low volume) is ideal to do a thorough initial cleaning of the entire space, cracks, vents, ducts, machines, furniture, etc. and for ongoing maintenance (between classes, shifts, heavy periods of traffic, etc) with handheld spray bottles and it does not get wiped off

Experience the synergy of having 24×7 hidden air purifying units providing protection along with the Goldie Locks of disinfectant sprays, mild enough for people pets and food, but strong enough to kill 99/999% of COVID-19.

Feel free to click around, watch our videos and evaluate if our Synergistic approach feels right for your facility or organization.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your non-profit’s scope, timing & level of urgency so we may begin to assist with budgeting, logistics, and fundraising needs.

Stay healthy by making wise choices.

The Synergistic non-profit team

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