IOT & Data

The Tech & Software Powering UV Angel

UV Angel collects invaluable treatment data that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This information is collected using the devices’ Angel IOT integration, which also transmits data to Angel Analytics. This data and the data of other IOT-enabled devices can then be accessed via the Angel Cloud platform.

Angel IOT

All UV Angel products have IOT integration, connecting directly to UV Angel Cloud and powering the devices with onboard intelligence. Whether it’s a UV Angel Air Series or Surface Series product, this connectivity means that you and your team will have the most accurate real-time data from all of your UV Angel devices.

The UV Angel IOT system allows for leveraging of UV Angel Artificial Intelligence, which gives the devices the ability to detect interactions and the environment around them, such as when a keyboard is wiped or predicting when devices may be out of regular function.

Angel Cloud

UV Angel has created a proprietary cloud platform, allowing users to access their devices data from anywhere in the world. As data is generated from the UV Angel IOT platform, the UV Angel Cloud system processes this data, creating insightful charts, graphs and facility-specific notifications.

Additionally, the UV Angel Cloud system connects to popular real-time-location systems, allowing for UV Angel to act as a tracker for equipment throughout the facility.

Angel Analytics

While UV Angel and its Angel Cloud are proven to make an impact on infection prevention strategies and outcomes, they are not the only technology in this space. UV Angel hardware’s dedicated cloud portal is complemented by Angel Analytics.

Angel Analytics is a partner-centric portal with connections to IOT-enabled devices – UV Angel branded or otherwise – in the infection prevention space. The Analytics engine allows the system to dynamically translate data from infection control systems throughout the facility, and process that data to show users a combined view of their infection prevention efforts.

Angel Analytics connects you to:

  • Real-Time Location
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Task Management Services
  • Janitorial AI services and much more from all of their devices.

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