Synergistic Funding Options Overview

Our goal is to help as many small, medium and large businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, non-profits and municipalities open, reopen or stay open safely, quickly and cost effectively.

We serve tenants, landlords, employers, building & real estate portfolio owners, REITs, municipality portfolio executives and educational administrators. They each have their own unique needs, risks, urgency factors, timing, logistical and financial concerns, that we help identify and deal with on an individualized basis.

Rather than thinking about a single approach to help fund our Indoor Air & Surface Solutions, today’s challenging times require multiple and creative solutions. We have identified & aggregated as many legitimate sources that fit differently into each client’s situations.

Our team of dedicated agents will assist you to determine which sources are available to you and then we will help you each step of the way until completion, installation and satisfaction.

Ideally, we begin by simultaneously conducting your Indoor Air & Surface Solution Evaluation & Scope while we search for any local, state or federals funds for which you would qualify (and your Utility Cost Reduction Analysis, if relevant).

for any additional information or clarification,
please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.