Bring Back In-Person Learning –
With Confidence.

Next-Generation Pathogen Control for Schools, School Districts, Colleges & Universities

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities like yours are looking for the most effective ways to bring back in-person learning. You need to create a learning environment where students can concentrate, and where everyone — including teachers and staff — feel safe. You need clinically-proven source-level pathogen control technology.

UV Angel products deliver quiet, effective pathogen control at the source level. People — your students and staff — are the greatest source of pathogens. Our patented technology brings clinically proven, patented ultraviolet light technology safely and directly into the spaces where the most pathogens are generated — your classrooms, break rooms, lunchrooms, athletic facilities, and more. UV Angel has the technology and the software to support your university or school as you work to provide safer in-person learning.

UV Angel for Education

UV Angel is uniquely situated to provide the comfortable, quiet, and effective pathogen control that schools need to bring back in-person learning. For more information about our products for your school or university, get in touch with a UV Angel Expert.

We Think About Pathogen Control Differently. Empowering You To Continuously Improve Your Education Environments

The UV Angel Difference

  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your education environments.
  • Up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel products contribute to a disruption-free workflow.
  • When you want it and whenever you are, our complete software platform delivers all the data you need on every UV Angel unit.

“The decision to partner with UV Angel to install units across campus empowers us to continue providing a curriculum in a safe, caring environment and preparing students spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.”

H. Clifford Reynolds
Headmaster/Principal, Pine Forge Academy
Pine Forge, Pennsylvania

Next-Generation Engineered Source Control, and the Sophisticated Software to Support It

UV Angel’s products are engineered to work differently, with superior technology and the sophisticated software to support an infinitely scalable pathogen control system. Take a look at the products and software that help you create a cleaner, safer environment for your patients and staff.

UV Angel products help protect:

  • Dormitories and shared living spaces
  • Athletic facilities
  • Classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs
  • Study areas and libraries
  • On-campus cafeterias and kitchens

UV Angel for K-12 Schools & School Districts

The Pathogen Control You Need — On Every Level

School districts across the country are looking for ways to improve safety measures to make in-person learning feasible. UV Angel is here to support your school district with next-generation pathogen control that is scalable across classrooms, school buildings, and even your entire district.

UV Angel products provide source-level control. That means they are safe for use in spaces like classrooms, breakrooms, gyms, and more, while students and staff are present. Unlike other ultraviolet light pathogen control solutions, UV Angel’s products also feature onboard IoT connectivity and a sophisticated cloud platform that brings data from every unit into one place, enabling education administrators to gather and interpret pathogen control data in real-time, across the entire school district.

UV Angel products help protect:

  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Administrative buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Teacher’s lounges
  • Cafeterias
  • Athletic facilities

Protecting Students & Staff on the Room Level. Providing System-Level Data In Real-Time

How UV Angel Products Help Keep Your Students & Staff Safe

UV Angel’s products are engineered to work differently, with superior technology and the sophisticated software to support a pathogen control system that is infinitely scalable — across schools, university campuses, and even entire districts. Take a look at the products and software that help you create the cleaner, safer learning environment students and staff need to feel confident about in-person learning.

Air Treatment Technology

UV Angel Clean Air™ integrates into existing or new construction in-ceiling lighting to create a seamless and effective air treatment system. Units draw contaminated air into a shielded UV-C chamber where airborne pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, are quickly neutralized. Clean, treated air is then circulated back into the room.

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel Adapt units are ideal for any high-touch surface in your school or university. From shared computer lab keyboards to desks and even cafeteria check-out stations, UV Angel Adapt units use intelligent sensors to detect germs or on surfaces, and neutralize them at the cellular level. With elimination rates greater than 99%, UV Angel Adapt units are effective and operate hundreds of times a day without interrupting how students, teachers, and staff move throughout the day.

The Software to Bring it All Together

Our technology is effective, but to create a truly cleaner, safer healthcare environment for patients and staff, you need visibility into the performance of not just these systems, but every pathogen control element and effort your facility employs. UV Angel’s complete software platform can bring all of that data together helping you make sense of your pathogen control system on the micro and the macro level.

The Software to Bring it All Together

  • IoT connectivity built into every UV Angel product
  • UV Angel’s Cloud platform allows you to access data on every unit from any location
  • Open API means you can easily integrate existing data sources and pathogen control systems, like RTLS, HVAC and air filtration systems, and more
  • Advanced analytics deliver the custom reporting you need to make proactive, data-based decisions for the cleanliness of your school or university
  • For any additional information or clarification,
    please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.