Automated Continuous UV-C Air Treatment System

Dental aerosols can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes after the use of scalers and drills. Now with the increased risk of the Coronavirus in asymptomatic patients, dental professionals are on the front line of healthcare. In addition to requiring stringent disinfection protocols, more PPE and N95 respirator masks, dental practices are choosing to incorporate UV technology to reduce the spread of infectious aerosols.

Help Protect Your Team and Patients With UV Angel Clean AirTM

According to information from the Occupational Information Network, jobs in the dental industry are at the highest risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

High-Risk Job


  • Contact With Others 100% 100%
  • Physical Proximity 100% 100%
  • Exposure to Disease 100% 100%

Dental Hygienists have one of the riskiest jobs during the pandemic.

Medium Job


  • Contact With Others 100% 100%
  • Physical Proximity 50% 50%
  • Exposure to Disease 100% 100%

Treatment Coordinators have constant contact with patients, putting them at risk.

Low-Risk Job


  • Contact With Others 100% 100%
  • Physical Proximity 50% 50%
  • Exposure to Disease 100% 100%

Economists have one of the safest jobs during the pandemic, scoring a zero in two categories.

  • Dental aerosols can travel over 30 ft.
  • Aerosols can linger in the air for 30 minutes
  • Tests exceed proposed safety levels

Reduce Your Exposure to Risk Through the Use of UV Technology

We combined years of advanced research and development with UV light and IOT enabled technologies to create a modern and effective air treatment system called UV Angel Clean AirTM.

Seamless Integration

Simple & Effective

Continuous Monitoring

Added Protection

Disruption-Free Workflow

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Clean Without Interrupting Your Workflow With UV Angel AdaptTM

Healthcare workers share equipment throughout the day and frequently touched surfaces are usually manually cleaned just once. Using an intelligent, automated ultraviolet light treatment platform, the UV Angel Adapt can add an extra layer of safety by neutralizing potential threats, continually while you work.


monitoring of frequently
touched surfaces

> 99.99%

effective against bacteria,
fungi and viruses


of treatment
cycles per day

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