Corporate Sponsors:

Corporations, foundations and family offices have been providing financial assistance to schools, colleges, non-profit and even small businesses during “normal” times as well as during emergencies. We have years of experience with helping identify, contact and negotiate existing or new potential sponsors to have them assist with your reopening or staying open initiatives.

In addition to the sponsor doing a worthy deed, they derive benefit from the positive exposure, publicity and often consumer traffic and patronage to their businesses. If they want to get the daily business from the students and faculty, they have a vested interest in seeing a school open and stay open safely. And in the for-profit sector, it’s not unusual for a corporate giant to assist a small vendor, manufacturer or retailer to reopen or stay open safely as they all benefit up and down the supply chain.

Let us know if this is of interest to you and we will be happy to discuss the relevant potential sponsors available.

for any additional information or clarification,
please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.