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On March 9, 2020, when my client’s Wall Street offices were quarantined and I was not permitted into the building, I knew that my life and business were about to change. A few days later when my daughters’ high school and college both closed, as a concerned parent I started to investigate what it would take to help these buildings reopen safely.
Mind you, here we are one year later and most facility executives still don’t know what to do to protect their occupants from indoor shared-air Covid transmission or who is the market leader to confidently turn to.

Leonard Atlas Founder

Having been an author, speaker and global sales development trainer for 25 years, and working mainly with commercial real estate giants, insurance and financial services, HVAC and deregulated energy industries, I knew it was only a matter of time that the calls and emails would be coming in to join the new Covid-Economy.

As the first calls started to come in and not coming from a scientific background, I had lots of education to catch up on and not much time to do it in, so I assembled a team of experienced chemical, technical and engineering experts. They taught me about all the potential harmful side-effects from the name brands and the lesser known commercial & industrial brands. Some are toxic, caustic, combustible, flammable, and some just are so ineffective that they don’t help clean, sanitize or disinfect anything.

Armed with a better understanding of the disinfecting, sanitizing and pathogen reduction industries, we created our 8 criteria decision-making process to analyze each product and service shown to us.

  1.  Human safe vs. Human unsafe (Most UV-C is not safe for humans to be present)
  2.  Trap vs. Kill pathogens – “Tools, not toys” Hepa filters – biohazardous waste
  3.  Third party scientific validation vs. anecdotal or no evidence
  4.  Episodic vs Continious Impact – Works 24/7 at the source of contamination
  1.  Floor, desk HVAC vs. Overhead Installation
  2.  One size fits all vs. Custom engineering and configured per facility
  3.  Costs, Financing & ROI
  4.  Maintenance frequency & cost

Having seen over 400 products we were able to discredit 99% of them as not being safe, effective, proven or economically viable.

We are proud to be a Global Distributor for UV Angels as they checked all 8 boxes and are clearly on the path to becoming the market leader in indoor pathogen reduction technology as they add nothing new to the air, have spent nearly $4 Million on multiple peer-reviewd scientific studies, their units function 24x7x365 and provide real-time monitoring and data analytics of the functionality of every unit installed throughout a facility or portfolio of buildings.

Our team of Referral Agents and Sales Partners bring decades of experience and valuable relationships to assist clients make the most ideal decisions to help protect their facilities and occupants.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your specific project scope and timing.

Leonard Atlas, Founder

Leonard Atlas Founder