About UV Angel

Meet UV Angel

The UV Angel team has a singular focus: make the world a cleaner and safer place for everybody. By using its patented ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology, UV Angel has created an effective way to neutralize harmful pathogens. Using a combination of hardware and software, UV Angel technology provides users with the tools that they need to ensure measurably safer and cleaner environments.

Why UV Angel: Pathogens & Pathogen Control

Each year, health care facilities spend $35-$45 billion as a direct cost of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and disease transmission. In the United States alone, HAIs affect one in 25 people and account for 72,000 deaths yearly.

But UV Angel doesn’t start and stop with health care. UV Angel can help make the environments that we live, shop, eat and work in measurably safer and cleaner.

Safer Environments

By using UV Angel’s patented ultraviolet light technology in conjunction with standard infection prevention strategies, UV Angel products make environments measurably safer.

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