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Based on nearly 30-years of global sales training, coaching and mentoring primarily to the commercial real estate, insurance and financial services markets, corporate HVAC and energy industries, and having authored 2 books on business development, it was only natural that I would be contacted to participate in the new economy being created by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the stay at home order.

During March, 2020, I received numerous calls to help sell masks and gloves, PPE. Not being interested in highly commoditized products, I politely declined all such invitations. However, on April 3, 2020, when an existing business partner of mine let me know that he just became the master distributor of what he referred to as, “Next Generation Proprietary Sanitizing & Disinfecting Solution,” I was intrigued and he had my attention.


Not coming from a scientific or chemical background I had lots of education to catch up on and not much time to do so. As you will see and hear in my videos I learned about all of the typical household name brands and the lesser known commercial & industrial brands and all the potential harmful side-effects they have, from being toxic to caustic, combustible, flammable, etc…

Armed with a better understanding of the competition, the decision for me to become the Global Referral Agent of 1St Place Science and build a global team to assist with rapid and thorough expansion was a no brainer.

Within a few weeks a dear family friend introduced me to The Angel Air Purification System. I diligently began exploring this alleged competitor only to find out that, in fact, it wasn’t a competitor at all, but rather a synergistic compliment to 1St Place Science Sanitizing & Disinfectant.

I recognized that one could spray their facility and be protected for the moment, but as soon as someone new entered the space they could contaminate that space until the next spray application. The 24x7x365 UV-24 fixtures could help keep that environment’s air purified continuously. Then I knew we had something worth bringing to the global marketplace.

uv angel air purification system

So, off I went to find other businesses that were offering multi-pronged solutions to their clients and I couldn’t find any. I found plenty that sell tons of different types of chemical solutions and many that provided all kinds of inferior UV lighting fixtures, but nobody had taken 2 best in breed complimentary solutions and integrated them into a single offering that work separately and synergistically.

This market niche became the impetus to launch Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions and be the world’s first integrator of spray on and UV lighting to provide a double shield of protection.

With representatives in many countries already, we are open for business 24×7 and here to help for profit and non-profit organizations ascertain their sanitizing, disinfecting and purifying needs and help design the ideal ongoing solution to help protect them and their audiences.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to helping you and your facilities.

Leonard Atlas, Founder

Leonard Atlas Founder