2 Time-Sensitive Updates

#1. The CDC Now Recommends Ceiling-Mounted
UVGI Systems For Reopening Businesses and Offices*

As we at SSS launched our UVGI Continuous Air Purifying solution the very next day…

uv angel air
uv angel air

A highly reflective, sealed UV-C chamber houses the UV lamp above the ceiling out of sight and out of harm’s way. No UV light leaks out of the system, allowing for use in occupied spaces.

#2. In addition to shipping being included, as part of our commitment to help those businesses trying to reopen, we have arranged the following Manufacturer’s rebates for the month of June, 2020.

Rebate specific are based upon the number of units purchased:

$100/unit rebate on 1 - 5 units

$150/unit rebate on 6 - 10 units

$200/unit rebate on 11 - 25 units

$225/unit rebate on 26 or more units

For use or for any additional information or clarification,
please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.

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