Get The Gold Standard at Copper Prices

To Stay Open or Reopen Safely, Effectively & Quickly

Indoor Air Sanitizing, Hard Surface & High-Touch Surface Disinfecting

The Synergistic Solution Is as Easy as 1,2,3…


Install 24×7 UV-C Air Ventilation Units 8-10 feet off the ground to always be ventilating and sanitizing your indoor air.


Spray or fog your facility & all hard surfaces. Determine the appropriate ongoing maintenance protocol.


Wrap all high touch surfaces, door handles, drawers, faucet handles, etc. with self-sanitizing copper viricide.

Since March, business owners, executives & landlords have been telling us about their urgency, confusion, fear of financial risk and legal liability. As parents of 2 students we wanted to learn what it takes to help their campuses reopen safely. We were disgusted with what we learned about how unsafe and ineffective most chemicals and products are.

We felt compelled to expose our dangerous findings and offer safe solutions, so we created a rational, scientifically vetted, compliant & credentialed, multi-pronged, cost-effective synergistic approach to staying open or reopening.

To help determine if we are relevant and can assist you, may we ask; Are you:

Committed to solutions that are people, pet, food & HVAC safe, healthy & effective?

Most sanitizing and disinfecting solutions (such as Lysol, Clorox and Ecolab) have harmful, often toxic, poisonous and flammable ingredients with serious side effects, but today’s buyers haven’t been educated on the risks and liability.

Concerned about safely disinfecting all hard surfaces,

especially all high-touch surfaces at the lowest maintenance costs possible?

Under pressure to identify, procure, finance & install

CDC-compliant 24x7x365 indoor air sanitizing and ventilation solution?

We fill a major market void by sourcing & integrating essential, safe and effective compliant next-gen technologies and solutions to protect indoor spaces, hard surfaces & high-touch surfaces and give occupants confidence to be indoors again.

We offer leasing of the UV Angels from $3K to $50 Mil that average $1.10-$2 per day per unit and can include all soft costs, i.e. delivery, installation, annual replacement filters, etc.


If you are concerned or involved with reopening or keeping open a business, school, etc. & protecting the health and safety of employees, students, patients, etc. we welcome your inquiry and are happy to provide you with a budget & pilot program recommendation.

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1st place and spray gun
UV angel Air and Angel adapt
UV angel Air and Angel adapt

Most everyone today is concerned with:

How To Protect ...

…themselves, their employees, students, patients, tenants, clients, etc…

They are confused about

which choices to make and what is a realistic budget to allocate to their ongoing sanitizing, disinfecting and air purifying needs.

Our goal is to help you cut through the clutter

and recognize that no single solution will address all of your needs. That’s why we integrated 2 top choices that work separately or synergistically.

Sanitize & Disinfect your entire facility

all surfaces and HVAC vents & ducts by spray bottle or electrostatic gun.
Proprietary Chlorine Dioxide Formula
to kill 99.999% COVID-19 Virus

angel air clean air system

Breathe Easy with UV Angel Air purification system

Powered by UV-C at 254 nanometers that is shielded in the ceiling, safely away from view, UV Angel Air circulates the air in 100 sq. ft room every 15 minutes.

angel air surface


Cleaning without Interrupting Your Workflow

Frequently touched surfaces are being interacted with faster than they can be manually cleaned. Using an intelligent, automated ultraviolet light treatment platform, UV Angel can add an extra layer of safety by neutralizing potential threats.

angel cloud


The Technology & Software Powering UV Angel
All UV Angel products have IOT integration, connecting directly to UV Angel Cloud and powering the devices with onboard intelligence. Whether it’s a UV Angel Air Series or Surface Series product, this connectivity means that you and your team will have the most accurate real-time data from all of your UV Angel devices..

angel air integrate


Clean & Charge

One square inch of your phone contains 25,000 germs. UV Angel’s Clean and Charge Phone Series is the next generation in smartphone disinfection and charging, allowing you to clean and charge your phone without interrupting your workflow.

Available Q3 2020

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May be used Separately or Synergistically

Available now


We searched the world

For the safest, most economical sanitizing, disinfecting and air purifying solutions so that we may assist our clients in meeting their immediate and ongoing needs as well as mitigate their risks.

With all the different products, marketing hype and claims being made today it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Sometimes the established “Household” name brands are the most toxic, harmful and flammable. When you factor in the manpower of the application process, and in many cases the subsequent removal process, sometimes the least expensive products have the highest total cost, so the alleged savings vanish.

We have scoured

the global marketplace and found no single product can provide ubiquitous coverage of indoor facilities, surfaces, HVAC ducts & vents while providing air purification at the same time. That’s why we searched for compatible solutions that actually work synergistically and can provide 24x7x365 coverage and protection.

Federal, state, and local laws concerning who is liable and for what are being updated and rewritten daily. The main question asked is, “How much risk do we have if our tenants, employees, students, patients or clients contract COVID-19 while at our premises?” The answers vary by state, but most of us agree, why take the risk with everyone’s health & your reputation?

Boeing approved prior to American Airlines being able to spray every plane between each flight (safety, speed, ease of application, spray and go, no wiping required).

Companies that already trust and use 1st Place Science

american airlines

for any additional information or clarification,
please contact us at 1-310-684-3839 to discuss the specific application and situation.